My passion for storytelling and film has lead me to write and direct some projects of my own, where I was free to express my own creative vision.
In these, it has always been important to me to allow the viewer to personally and intimately connect with the characters and their stories, creating a kind of immersive bond between the viewer’s own experience and the story being told.


Living with his caretaker and excluded from the rest of society, a boy has to come to terms with growing up, understanding his own feelings and limitations by himself.


Independent Production

2022 (tba)



An old man creates a new reality around himself to overcome his traumas and haunting memories of his childhood.


it.Schule Stuttgart



Our Yesterday's Roses

Luso-germanic short documentary. After a heartbreak a man returns to his home country, a voyage through past and present on how memories affect one’s existence while changing their emotional value over time.

Short-documentary Trailer

Independent Production


Portugal / Germany

Live & Editing.

I have been brought on to edit a wide variety of projects, mainly promotional and product videos of varying styles. My extended and diverse experience in sound and image has allowed me to effectively produce and deliver appealing work of a professional standard.
Through Live streaming I have gathered valuable experience with several event broadcasts, trying to find the most engaging shots and editing real-time.

Club Voltaire Live

Several Livestream productions featuring Concerts and Book presentations.


Club Voltaire e.V.



Holding Grips

Set of short Promotional Videos for use in social media channels and the company’s website.

Promotional Videos

Holding Grips GmbH



Vintage Sounds of Finland

Promotional Video for a Finish Tango band, consisting of interview with the singer and live concert footage.
(Private production. Link upon request)

Promotional Video

Uusikuu GbR



Sound Recording.

Since 2014, I have been working as a Sound Recordist and Production Sound Mixer for several projects, between fiction and documentary, including some collaborations with Filmakademie BadenWürttemberg and University of Applied Sciences Offenburg (List of selected projects bellow).
More recently, over the past 2 years, I have done sound work on 300+ projects for Public German Television with ARD, Arte and Sony Pictures.

Public Television (2019-2021)
News Reports and Documentaries | ARD, ARTE, SWR, ZDF | Germany
Zavala (2018)
Short-film | Germany
Die Maschine (2018)
Short-film | Germany
29 26 (2018)
Short Documentary | Pedro Velho | Portugal
Christmas Wishes (2017)
Documentary | Nightrunner Productions, Franz Bohm | Germany
Scholpp - eine kleine Geschichte. (2017)
Advertisement | SCHOLPP Kran & Transport GmbH | Germany
Auftauchen (2017)
Short-film | Germany
Am Tag Die Sterne (2017)
Medium Lenght Film | Offenburg University, Simon Schneckenburger | Germany
Jugendfilmpreis Teaser (2016)
Advertisement | Jugendfilmpreis Baden-Württemberg | Germany
Talsperre (2016)
Short-film | Filmakademie BW & Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris | Germany
Schwarm (2016)
Short-film | Filmakademie BW | Germany
Sommerbrand (2016)
Short-film | Germany
Wildnis (2016)
Short-film | Germany
Arrival (2015)
Short-film | Offenburg University | Germany
Nebelbilder (2014)
Short-film | Germany